Why is it so important for our bodies to be alkaline?

The pursuit of optimal health requires us to be experts in many areas of medicine and chemistry.  We have discovered over time that one of the most basic measurements in our body reveals a great deal—the “pH” level in your body.   pH is a unit of measure for determining if a liquid is acidic or alkaline. In most of the cells of our body the ideal pH is around 7.2, hence the name of the company (SevenPoint2).  You may have heard of pH in relation to routine testing of pool water, or in fish tanks where it is used to help keep the water clean and healthy.  For example if a fish gets sick, we clean and treat the water by first checking the pH.

Having studied clinical nutrition and holistic health for almost 20 years, I have found that too much acid in the body is a major contributor of most, if not all chronic pain and disease. If there is one goal, related to overall health that could be achieved without having to go to a healthcare practitioner it would be to “alkalize” our body.  The top two producers of acid in the body are stress and poor diet, which are both usually hard to avoid with our hectic lifestyles.   Aside from removing any interference to the brain and nervous system with chiropractic care, becoming alkaline and balancing your pH will produce faster and more permanent health results than anything else that I have seen.

There are a lot of companies out there claiming to have good, pure, organic greens and protein…what makes SevenPoint2 unique to me?

I have personally known Dr. Howard Cohn since I was in Chiropractic college over 15 years ago, and he is the chief product officer for Sevenpoint2.  I am honored to call him a mentor and a good friend.  I know his level of integrity personally, and know his extensive expertise in the clinical nutrition field.  He has used over 1000 products in his office for over 25 years and wanted to create the best of the best.  I believe he succeeded.   Sevenpoint2’s Recovery with HydroFX is the first ever molecular hydrogen generating ingestible tablet, which finally makes hydrogen supplementation both convenient and affordable . And after personally trying and using many “greens” products over the past 20 years, this is also the first product that my wife and kids actually like the taste of and use on a regular basis.

Fortunately for us, Dr. Cohn came and personally spoke to our patients right here in our office.  Click the link below to see that talk and see for yourself why SevenPoint2 is the leader of the alkaline movement.

If you are new to this information please click here for Your Wake Up Call , which is a brief video introduction.

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Video – SevenPoint2 Lecture with Dr. Howie Cohen at Gorman Optimal Health Solutions

Video – The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet with Oral Molecular Hydrogen for Brain Health and Human Performance with Dr. Howard Cohen