Phase 1 Pain & Symptom Relief


The primary goal of relief care is to help relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible. Just as an Orthodontist applies braces to correct misaligned teeth, the Chiropractic Physician applies gentle adjustments to correct misalignments of your spine, extremities, and organs. Since adjusting the spine is like adjusting crooked teeth, tuning a musical instrument, or going to the gym, all must be done gently and gradually; and time, repetition, and consistency is required to secure and stabilize correction. For this reason, if you must miss an appointment, it is very important that you make that appointment up. During this phase of care, your visits are typically spaced 24 to 72 hours apart until your correction begins to take hold.  The video you watched that further explains how Chiropractic works and these three phases of care is available on our website and is titled, “Making choices”.

In this phase, we will recommend some therapies to supplement your adjustments: Cold laser therapy, decreases pain and increases healing by 40%; Muscle treatments, to relax muscles, improve the function of organs, and the lymphatic system; and Electric stimulation, ice, and an anti-inflammatory diet, to decrease inflammation and pain. Approximately every twelve visits a progress examination will be performed to measure your progress and to ensure that your treatment is on track.  If you are not on track, we won’t hesitate to adjust your treatment plan and make the appropriate referral if necessary, to another doctor or for other diagnostic tests.

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