Phase 2 Corrective / Stabilization


The goal of stabilization care is to complete the correction begun in your relief phase of care.  This is even more important than the first phase because even though you may feel better your spine and health is in a very fragile condition.   As your correction begins to take hold, the time between visits can be increased.  Discontinuing care during the stabilization phase of care would be like the orthodontist removing braces when the correction is halfway completed. The teeth would return to their original position. In your case, your original pain and problems will usually return, and often worse. The goal is also to help stabilize muscles and ligaments that support the spine to decrease the likelihood that your original problem will reoccur. A rehabilitation exercise program may be initiated at this time to help support the stabilization process.


This phase is also called the correction phase, as we are working on correcting the root causes of your problems.  We recommend a holistic approach, and this is really what makes our office unique compared to traditional medicine.  We will recommend looking at some of the causes of your spine not holding its adjustments and keeping you in pain such as referred pain from different organs or glands.  These come from inflammation, from emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, electro-magnetic pollution, allergies, and toxicity. These can be evaluated through blood work, urine, hair tests for heavy metal toxicity, and some non-invasive forms of testing and evaluation we do right in our clinic called muscle response testing.  We will then educate you on treatments we can do for these in the office, as well as let you know what you can do to help yourself against these different stressors.

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