“Our son was diagnosed by his pediatrician with congenital torticollis when he was four months old. He was prescribed physical therapy and there was discussion of his potential future need for a helmet to correct a flat spot that developed on his skull as a result of the torticollis.  We sought out other treatment options because the physical therapy quickly became cost-prohibitive, and it didn’t seem to be making much of difference.  I was referred to Dr. Gorman through a representative at the Weston A. Price Foundation.  After just one adjustment with Dr. Gorman, my husband and I were both amazed at the obvious improvement in our baby’s range of motion.

Over the course of several weeks our son continued to see Dr. Gorman.  While being adjusted, our baby never appeared to be uncomfortable or in pain.  The adjustments were incredibly subtle and gentle, and yet made an astounding difference, both in our son’s range of motion and the shape of his head.  At this point it’s impossible to tell that our baby ever had torticollis.

We’re incredibly grateful that we sought out chiropractic as a treatment option for our son, and for the exceptional care received from Dr. Gorman.  He will forever hold a special place in our hearts and minds. Additionally, the staff at his clinic are highly-skilled, kind, helpful, and genuine, only furthering our patient satisfaction.  We’re forever indebted.”

– Aaron Summers, M.D. & Amie Summer