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We appreciate you and are here for you!  We know firsthand what it is like to struggle with health, and be overwhelmed and stressed trying to manage family, work, and all life throws at us.  We pride ourselves in answering any questions, and we gladly accept any feedback. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will make ourselves available to address any concerns and suggestions. We will do whatever we can to ensure you have a 1st class experience, and your expectations are always met or exceeded.

"I have a dream for healthcare"                                      Dr. Mike Gorman                                                                                 January 20, 2020

I have a dream that we have true "health" care in the entire world.  I have a dream that we have a medical system that puts the patient first, and that empowers the patient to take responsibility in their role to heal themselves. This system acknowledges that the body heals itself if it has what it needs, and you remove any interference that is getting in the way of healing.

I have a dream to start the new model of healthcare right here in Bucks County and Philadelphia, and that model spreads throughout the U.S. and world.  A model where the natural healing properties of the body are acknowledged no matter how sick the person is, and we always address the mind-body paradigm.  I want to move to a more holistic approach that goes in alignment with common sense, focuses on the brain, decreasing stress, and the way the body is designed. I want to do this while keeping all the fantastic emergency medicine, ICU, and neo-natal advances in technology that save so many lives in those more rare emergency and critical situations.

I have a dream that even medical specialists look at the whole body as one. All eye doctors learn iridology. All podiatrists learn foot reflexology. All ENT's know about the auriculotherapy reflexes on the ears and that sinus problems are related to the stomach. All orthopedic surgeons know the acupuncture meridians and emotional connections of their particular specialty. All physical therapists know that every muscle specifically relates to an organ and specific emotion. All cardiologists know about the specific vitamins and minerals needed for the different heart conditions. All gastroenterologists ask patients about their diets, food allergies, stress, and nutritional supplements instead of just giving medications while the patient continues to eat poorly.

 In other words, all doctors are aware that the body is one, and everything everyone does affects all the systems very specifically. And they know all the side effects of all medications someone is on, and the specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies that each medication causes, as well as the other natural treatments that could potentially help each area and condition.  

I have a dream to open the first truly "holistic" hospital.  There are a lot of models out there, but they all are trying to appease the public interest, but really, they have no real desire to change the model itself.  It is Big Pharma traditional medicine with a room in the back for Reiki, massage, and acupuncture calling it functional or integrative medicine.  No one talks to each other or consults on patients, but they get some "alternative" treatments to check a proverbial box.  Since the brain is the most critical part of the body because it controls everything, every single patient is under Chiropractic care, ensuring that the messages are communicating throughout the body. Thus everything is functioning at its best.

We have a reactive disease care system, not a proactive healthcare system.  The only ones benefiting from the current healthcare system are the ones at the top, making all the money.  Even when the U.S. is ranked 32nd out of 32 developed countries, there is no desire to change it. If we came back after the Olympics ranked 32nd, we would instantly fire all the coaches and trainers and be reevaluating all the training protocols. We need a healthcare overhaul, and I have a dream of transforming it.

I have a dream where the cafeteria is the most crucial part of the hospital, where we know that if people are sick, it is even more critical that they have organic, healthy choices of food and a juice bar to help their body back to health.  Even the janitorial staff walks around the hospital asking people if they are drinking enough water and offering them good, filtered water while cleaning with safe, organic cleaners that do not negatively affect everyone's livers and kidneys.

We need to transform the "being" of healthcare back to one of focusing on health and not disease. On vitality and not sickness;  on the root cause and not the symptoms; on abundance and not scarcity; on love and not fear;  on real science that is not bought by Big Pharma, and on common sense and not outdated dogma, money, and corrupt politics.

I have a dream to start a concurrent non-profit organization for natural therapies that becomes the most prominent non-profit in the world, enabling holistic therapies to research all aspects of the hospital and medical setting.  Within this non-profit, we also provide healthcare to people who cannot afford it. Still, in return, they must consent to research, as well as taking classes and passing tests on different health and life principles to ensure that we are "Teaching them to fish for a lifetime, as opposed to feeding them for the day."  We are also giving them their dignity, as we should never do something for someone that they can and should do for themselves.  We are tracking the results to show the vast savings in healthcare dollars that health education and, thus, prevention does, being proactive versus reactive, and empowering people to take responsibility themselves in their health.

I have a dream to implement all these natural, common-sense health principles that research proves to be effective in all our mainstream schools throughout the world.  I have a hope that by the time my children have children, all kids growing up will have access to this vital health knowledge very early in life. It will no longer be considered a secret...it will just become the accepted way it is.  People will look back at many of the current principles and wonder how we ever did things that way?  How did they abuse themselves with candy, sugar, malnutrition, stress, alcohol, and lack of sleep from Halloween to Christmas and then think they "caught" some flu bug every year?  They will learn all the current health misconceptions and get to see how firsthand how great they feel when they follow the time-tested principles of real holistic health: Physical, Nutritional, and Psychological.

 I have a dream that we have a school system based on common sense that teaches and promotes using critical thinking and problem-solving, as opposed to memorization, regurgitation, propaganda, and dogma.  I have a dream of a school system that incorporates the connection between learning and the world around us, and cause and effect. It teaches taking responsibility and life skills, including the management of money, organizational skills, goal-setting, and the fundamental laws that govern our world like the law of attraction, karma, and quantum physics.  These are the elementary school required curriculum, along with the basic classes that have stood the test of time.

I have a dream that the whole world goes back to trusting themselves in every way on every level. We realize that their body and mind together is a miracle.  That they can trust their gut and intuition to guide them throughout life and reveal why they are here, and that common sense and integrity becomes the standard and the new law of the land.  Dreams are what have changed everything big in this world, and will continue to in the future, and I got a big one!

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