Our experience has shown that the more you understand about your condition, and what to do about it, the quicker you will get well, the longer you will stay well, and the less money you will invest long term.  For this reason, we are very big on patient education.  If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.  We recommend that you learn more about our comprehensive and holistic approach by reading "The Six Steps to Wellness" book, and check out our website, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for information and videos on various topics that you will not get anywhere else.  These contain all the information you need about everything we do in our office, and what you can do to get well quicker and to optimize you and your family’s health in the future.

Most pain and health problems do not occur overnight but rather more gradually. Therefore, we want to identify where you are on the spectrum of health, and then recommend a treatment plan to move you back towards optimal health.  (See below)


Your health is like a 3-sided triangle (see above and to the right) where every aspect affects the other sides, so it is all connected.  The whole point of a holistic approach is to look at the total person.  The body heals itself when it has what it needs to heal properly, and there is no interference.  Therefore, for optimal results we must evaluate and treat all three sides of health. 

The brain controls and coordinates every single function in the entire body through the nervous system, which consists of the brain and all the nerves in the body.  These nerves travel throughout the body from the brain through the spine to all the muscles and organs.  A Chiropractic subluxation is a bone out of place that irritates a nerve and causes pain or dysfunction.  Subluxations are one of the causes of most pain and health problems. They interfere with the communication and messages to and from the brain and the rest of the body. They are serious, chronic in nature, and a degenerative condition that develops over time. A Chiropractic Physician is the only doctor licensed to diagnose and correct subluxations.  In addition, diet, nutritional supplements, physical therapy, and other methods of healing can be great compliments to Chiropractic, but never a substitute. The structure of the body determines the function, so to improve the function of your body we will start with your physical structure, consisting of your spine, extremities, organs, and brain.

The only long-term solution to your problem is a holistic physical rehabilitation program.  Please note that we base your recommendations for care according to your needs, not what your insurance benefits may cover. Based upon our experience with cases similar to yours, the following phases of care are designed to get you feeling better as quickly as possible and bring you back to optimal health and help you stay there.    

Chiropractic care following an injury is like building a house – certain things have to happen in a particular order in order for everything to stand strong and work correctly. When building a house, if you tried to put up your walls before you had a solid foundation, your walls would be weak and eventually collapse. If you tried to put on your roof before the walls were ready, you would run into the same problem. The same is true for your body. Your body has to go through a particular plan of care in order to repair itself correctly and fully. There are three general phases of chiropractic care . . .

Phase 1: Relief Care

If you are in pain when you come into our office, the first objective is to help you feel better. Depending on the severity of your problem, it is typical to need care 2-3 times per week for 4-12 weeks.

Phase 2: Corrective/Restorative Care

During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury. It is typical to need care 4-8 times per month for 6-24 months, depending on your overall health and the severity of your problem.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

Once your body has fully healed, it is important to come in for periodic adjustments to avoid problems in the future. Usually, this only requires a quick visit to the chiropractor 1-4 times per month, based on your lifestyle and goals.