Laila Wah, OMD

Laila Wah, OMD is registered and licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. She is an Educator and Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine with clinical and teaching experience spanning over 30 years. Dr. Wah was the founder and director of The Gautama Institute for the Healing Arts, Philadelphia’s first school for the certification of Shiatsu and Chinese Herbology. She joined the team at Gorman Optimal Health Solutions in 2015, where she offers the healing practices of Acupuncture and Shiatsu. Traditional Acupuncture is a viable and complimentary therapy for Chiropractic Care. Acupuncture has innumerable treatment protocols, for a variety of concerns. Major areas covered by Acupuncture are: Trauma, Sports Injuries, Stress, Female Concerns, Fertility Issues, Pre & Post Operative Care, and General Symptomatic Concerns. Acupuncture is also a strong tool for pain management, and reducing the ill effects from chemotherapy. Acupuncture is endorsed by The World Health Organization and The Institute of Health. Leading universities such as Harvard, UCLA, and University of Pennsylvania as well as hospitals like Jefferson utilize Acupuncture therapeutics.